Indroducing SAVED

Supporting Addiction Victims Every Day (SAVED) is a community interest company based in Preston, Lancashire. Founded by Madison Dunn in 2018. We are a support group and network for the friends, family members and victims of people who suffer from addiction. We are an award winning social enterprise and believe passionately that nobody should fight the stigma of addiction alone anymore. We, as the friends, families and victims of people suffering from addiction are on a journey too. We need help, support, encouragement, a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand to find our path to our own recovery.

Meet The Founder

Madison Dunn grew up with a father who was addicted to alcohol.  She then went on to marry an alcoholic. Having struggled to find support for herself and her family during her childhood and adult hood, Madison founded SAVED in 2018 with the sole aim of ensuring the friends, family members and victims of people suffering addiction had help, support, encouragement and guidance on their own path to recovery. She hopes nobody is left living in isolation, fear or ignorance, like she once was, now SAVED has been founded.

Madisons work has secured many partners to continue the project SAVED, as well as funding, sponsorship and awards in 2018.

Madison was approached by 3 local prisons within Lancashire to introduce SAVED to the friends and families units in January 2019 and her courage and determination to support people suffering victimisation of addiction continues to be acknowledged.

Madison selflessly admits that attending meetings and talking about her story helps her recovery journey and encourages people to do the same. You can find our next meeting by clicking here.


To support one another on our own recovery journey through a peer led support group.

To provide support and assistance to the friends, family members and victims of addicts to encourage their own recovery journey and lead fulfilling and balanced lives.

SAVED flourishes worldwide and we establish a proven recovery programme for the friends, family members and victims of addicts to follow, designed within the peer led support group meetings.